VW Spirit of Amarok South Africa

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VW Spirit of Amarok South Africa

This video was solely filmed by Benjamin Jaworskyj in a cinematic VLOG documentary style in South Africa during a 5-day event for the Spirit of Amarok Offroad Cup. In addition, he used some aerial drone footage from the event production company.

Jaworskyj took part as a special guest, creator and influencer mix, accompanied by Sidney Hoffman and Steffen Hensler, who were also taking part in the Cup qualification in Germany.

During the international off-road event, he filmed and photographed for his own and VW’s social media channels and tried to build a bridge to travel photography by not only taking event photos and videos, but also taking a picture of the Milky Way Galaxy along with German tuning influencer and TV host Sindey Hoffmann above the VW Amarok at night.

Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge

Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge

Spirit of Amarok South Africa

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